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Art is the voyage where passion and healing intertwine, and my narrative stands as evidence of the profound transformative force within creativity.

” Guerda Faustin “

Born on the enchanting Hispaniola Island in Haiti, Guerda Faustin’s artistic journey began at a tender age. Surrounded by the vivid colors and rich culture of her homeland, she embarked on her creative path by exploring drawing and coloring alongside her older sisters. While her siblings ventured into various hobbies like music and crafts, Guerda remained unwavering in her dedication to visual arts.


During her early years, Guerda explored various art mediums, including colored pencils, gouache, pastels, and acrylics. At the age of nine, a gift of discarded oil paint tubes, brushes, and an art book sparked her curiosity, leading her to invest her school allowance in art materials, magazines, and textbooks to refine her skills.

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